Our Expertise is Your Benefit

AT Automation Systems stands out for combining skills in IT and logistics. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we have specialised in developing reliable, secure and efficient solutions tailored to individual requirements. We support and manage international IT projects on a 24/7 basis. Making things run smoothly is our passion.

IT for Logistics

Experience allows us to get straight to the point. Imagine fully-trained craftsmen, manufacturing IT solutions in the world of logistics. Routine allows us to react fast and flexibly to the specifications of our clients. The more difficult and complex, the better. When customising IT solutions for logistical processes the focus is always on key demands, boiling everything down to the essential.




Information Technology - Future Compatible

Our IT is designed to bridge between separate parts, connect and integrate systems which need to work together. Also change management and migration procedures are key areas of our expertise. Working locally on a global scale, we implement individually developed software solutions as well as third party software, across time zones, adapting to various individual requirements and languages. We are fast and flexible. Your task is our challenge.





Warehousing and Distribution

No matter what area of warehousing and distribution logistics: We've been there, done it! Big projects or small tasks, from piece picking to bulk storage, from parcel services to full truck loads - whatever is important to our clients, we make it our business. The aim is always to optimise. Our expertise includes resource management, mobile communication with radio frequency scanners, automation with conveyors and PLC's, shipment consolidation and shipment-based selection of carriers, management of documents and warehouse processes, optimising truck utilisation and logistical process design.