International Project Services - Managing Challenges

Projects in IT and logistics often are kicked off with the personal assessment of systems and processes on location - here we identify the challenges to be managed. International project management and consulting are amongst our core competences. With the client's requirements in mind, we will advise on system design and infrastructure and suggest solutions that are simple and cost effective. We get straight to the point, developing, testing and implementing the respective software. Be it our own tools or third-party systems - we treat them all the same way. Our services also include training, startup support and runtime support.

EDI Message Broker - Everything Is Possible

We provide a powerful EDI hub for all types of communication, inbound or outgoing, supporting common EDI standards as well as individual proprietary formats, super-robust with error recovery and alarms. EDI message content can be converted, split and merged. It is also possible to duplicate or switch between different communication media. Email groups can autonomously use powerful maillist features, including remote administration via simple email.

Applications: Our EDI service is the first choice to communicate with all types of business partners, especially carriers and customers. Partner specific EDI procedures are also available, like PLD 0200 of UPS parcel service. System alarms and business KPI are comfortably shared via email and/or SMS/text message.

Web Archives - Download Portal for Reports and Documents

Our internet based archive system is a download portal for all types of reports and documents, featuring a database and a filebase. Both can easily be queried with multiple selection criteria and wildcards.

The database structure is dynamically specified from remote via the import data stream. Filebase researches also include searching inside ZIP files.

Applications: Our web archive is first choice for sharing data and documents with business partners and other departments within your own company.



Support Around the Clock

Should there be a problem our helpdesk is available 24/7, giving hands-on advise and assuring personal assistance. IT for logistics being an international business, we see it as our responsibility to be available across countries and time zones. This service is by no means restricted to our own software, either. We also provide support for third-party-systems.