Philips / TPVision / WOOX

AT Automation Systems is providing an ongoing EDI Full Service ever since the company was founded in 2000, involving three international Distribution Centres located in the Netherlands, France and Hungary. This includes EDI communication with standard UNECE messages, documents and reports for Philips' partners with 30+ international carriers all over Europe, e.g. UPS, DHL, Dachser, Raben and Gefco, as well as several large international customers plus the company's internal departments and related organisations.

Philips / TPVision

AT established a serial numbers database on the internet, designed for three international distribution centres with global shipments and including the tracking and tracing of serial numbers complete with user authorisation and download options.

The same client also required a web-based freight documents archive for three international distribution centers with global shipments in order to ensure the handling and reprinting of documents by carriers and sales organisations. Again, this included user authorisation and download options.


This is another client that has been with AT Automation Systems ever since its founding days. We are delighted to have been able to provide the services of the 24/7 helpdesk throughout this time. Our personal, flexible hands-on expertise has been extended to the Netherlands, France and Hungary and has earnt us the best of feedback.

Centos (Germany / Finland) - DHL (Netherlands / France / Hungary) - Philips / TPVision (Netherlands / France / Hungary)

All of these clients required and received SMS/Text Message and Email Services for reports (KPI) and alarms (system alerts).

DHL (Netherlands / France / Hungary)

AT Automation Systems is responsible for the setup and maintenance of the WMS IT infrastructure of three different sites, including the distribution of server park hardware. The stable, remote-controled systems and 100% availability resulted in very positive feedback from our clients.

Live - Key Performance Indicators

This volume has been operated so far

with our software tools and features.

trucks  391.052
pallets  18.170.553
delivery notes  8.015.018
EDI messages  1.915.784
ranking list and highlights over all systems 
biggest shipment  356,52 qbm
smallest parcel  0,10 kg
biggest customer   MEDIA MARKT
biggest carrier   UPS
KPI's are updated daily over all applications