Warehouse Management Systems

Whilst developing all kinds of software solutions and tools to meet our clients' many individual requirements, our main area of work combining IT with logistics is Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Our own WMS ATCOLT allows companies to steer all the relevant logistic processes. Being simple to use, it facilitates the flexible and effective control of warehouse and distribution processes such as order and transport planning. As a full-size WMS package it is open, flexible and scalable at the same time, ensuring that it is compatible with the clients' respective operating surroundings.

Our deep knowledge of warehouse and distribution processes along with experience and practice from many projects with different WMS platforms enables us to support third-party systems also. Expertise pays off.

Middleware - Interfaces - Tools

All our AT software can be adjusted to various techniques and protocols. Based on practice in many projects we have developed highly valuable tools for various purposes. To give an example, industry scales and PLC's can be integrated into automated processes. Our technical tools and components can be adapted for all major operating systems such as Windows and Linux. They can be fully automated and integrated into other existing tools. The individual development of new tools for a specific and unique purpose is a challenge we at AT Automation Systems embrace with passion.

EDI Message Broker - Continous Development

A good example for a simple to use, yet very powerful tool is the EDI Message Broker, which runs operatorless. 100% bullet-proof, it provides error recovery and system alerts along with various file transfer methods and many other useful procedures facilitating the essential communication in the different areas of logistics. The robust piece of software works as a mail server, allowing companies to convert content, generate barcodes and PDFs, ready to go out to a previously specified email group.