Philips / TPVision / WOOX / DHL

Ever since the year 2000, this client has been using our WMS (Warehouse Management System) in their international Distribution Centres in the Netherlands, France and Hungary. Each of them has various external depots, handling 2000 to 8000 shipments a day. For the processes involved mobile radio frequency scanners are used along with stationary ones and conveyors. The system is designed to optimise shipments, resources and storage space.

Centos / LG

A Warehouse Management System has been in use since 2005 in Finland and Germany for international shipments to Russia and the Ukraine amongst other countries. The Container Yard Management involved has a capacity for several thousand units. Container handling facilities for loading, unloading and temporary storage are dimensioned for over 100 containers each day. The project also includes the management of various external depots and the implementation of highly sophisticated EDI for customer LG.

Live - Key Performance Indicators

This volume has been operated so far

with our software tools and features.

trucks  391.052
pallets  18.170.553
delivery notes  8.015.018
EDI messages  1.915.784
ranking list and highlights over all systems 
biggest shipment  356,52 qbm
smallest parcel  0,10 kg
biggest customer   MEDIA MARKT
biggest carrier   UPS
KPI's are updated daily over all applications